DNA Health Tests performed by Langford Vets:

British Shorthair Autoimmune

Lymphoproliferative Syndrome:           NORMAL

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD):         NORMAL

Feline Blood Type:                                   Blood type b (Homozygous b)


Dilute Coat Colour:                                  Dilute (d/d)

Chocolate Coat Colour:                          Carrier of Chocolate (B/b or b/bl)

Cinnamon Coat Colour:                         Does not carry Cinnamon (B/B, B/b or b/b)

Coat Length M3:                                      N/N

Coat Length M4:                                      N/N



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25/05/2019  Northern Counties Cat Club Judge: Mr John Hansson awarded 1st

2505/2019 Durham County Cat Club Judge: Mrs Barbara Prowse awarded 1st & CC

11/05/2019 Nor'East of Scotland Cat Club Judge: Mr Alex Welsh  awarded 1st & CC

13/04/2019 Shorthair & All Breed Cat Club Judge: Mrs Sue Dalton-Hobbs awarded 1st & BOB kitten

05/01/2019 West of Scotland Cat Club Judge: Dr Peter Collins awarded 1st & BOB Kitten

05/01/2019  Scottish Cat Club Judge: Mrs Lizz Adair awarded 1st, BOB Kitten and Best of Selection 3

17/11/2018 Ulster Siamese & All Breed Cat Club Judge: Mr Mark Pearman awarded 1st