Welcome to our online home of Dersieger British Shorthair Blue cats.


our affix DERSIEGER is known for our beautiful Rottweilers and French Bulldogs who we have bred and shown for many years 


We got our first cat in 2017 "Skyota Cozmic Cookie"

from breeder Sue Howson.

this is when we got the bug to the cat show scene.

In 2018 we introduced "Britishbearcats FlyMeToTheMoon"

to our home from breeder Fe Kernaghan, whom has had a fantastic start to her show career wining multiple 1sts

even winning Best of Variety 3 at the tenderage of 6 months old!


We applied for our Prefix to be registered with the GCCF in 2018.

Our cats are part of our family and only on the occasion that we plan to keep a kitten for our own is when we will plan to breed. 

feel free to look through our website, for any questions or enquiries

please contact us.

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